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Lozinda Avenant BCompt Accounting

Tax and Accounting Specialist

Lozinda Avenant joined the Foundation team in April 2018 to manage their new service, Foundation Tax and Accounting. Hardworking, honest and disciplined, Lozinda’s skills include comprehensive experience in Taxes and has her perfectly placed to manage Foundation Tax and Accounting.

Lozinda’s management of Foundation Tax and Accounting augments her current position as Finance Manager at Bridge Capital: a position that covers all aspects of tax and accounting. Foundation Family Wealth is itself a client. Our experience as her client has proven that she is accurate, helpful and remarkably efficient in both her work and in her responses to client queries. The investment she puts into her relationships with clients and her work has given her a keen understanding of her clients’ intricate tax affairs which are often linked to their businesses. Her even-handed approach to pressure and cooperative leadership style promise a rewarding partnership with Foundation Family Wealth clients.

Lozinda holds a BCompt Accounting Degree from UNISA, is a member of the SAIPA and is a Professional Accountant (SA). She is proficient in all accounting software packages.

Lozinda likes to indulge in fantasy literature and values spending time with her young daughter and infant son.