If you’re thinking about slowing down, exiting corporate life or retiring, this workshop is for you! This is the new retirement and we’ve called these years – “The Encore Years” because they start long before you finally take your bow.

The traditional picture of retirement looked like golf days, beaches and books, and other idyllic ideas involving years of leisure. Well, that’s changed! These days, many of you continue to work because you need to, or because you really want to. You might even embark on a second career, whether its aimed at squeezing out earnings in the final years or finding meaning in giving back. Or, maybe you’re finally pursuing that big dream!

Whatever the case - a successful retirement requires just as much planning and work as a career, if not more.

Research also tells us that while you’re career changing late in life, you're also healthier, smarter and more financially fit than any other generation. But because of the world we live in - you’ve got some pretty unique challenges too. So now what?

We’re proud to come alongside you and cheer you on as you keep moving! Encore! is our way of saying, you deserve a huge applause and we’re calling you out again and again because you’ve got a lot to give and a exciting life to live. We want to help you plan for this life. We want to help you make these transitions as smoothly as possible in every way.


Dr Riaz Motara - a leading cardiologist specialising in the prevention and holistic treatment of age related diseases. He will cover all aspects of preparation for healthy encore years - including mental and physical health.

CEO of Foundation Family Wealth, Sunel Veldtman will speak about modern retirement, developments , what is required for successful encore years, thinking about purpose in your encore years, thinking about happiness in the encore years – and how best to make the transition to encore years.

Foundation Family Wealth Director, Elke Zeki will bring insight into how much is enough? In order to answer the question - we need to know what your needs are. This depends largely on what you plan to do in your encore years. How do you fund that big dream, career change, slowing down or drawing income? How do you plan financially for that? How should your investments be structured to fund your encore years? We will cover tax, politics and the challenge of low growth.


Date:    Friday, 21 July 2017
Time:    08:00 to 12:00
Venue:  Ten Bompas Hotel, 10 Bompas Road, Dunkeld
RSVP: by 14 July 2017.