Retirement Reimagined

24 July 2021

Over the last year and a half, many retirement strategies were negatively impacted.  Financial plans were stalled or put on pause. But now, as a greater sense of normality eases back into our lives, we again need to plan for the success of our retirement strategies.  Perhaps you need to move out of a holding position concerning your retirement finances and look towards growth? Maybe you need to consider what other risks could derail your plans? Do you have a clear understanding of what determines a successful retirement? And what kind of future is possible for your retirement now?

Spend a few hours with us exploring how you can re-imagine work and retirement and how you can save and invest towards your dreams.

We will equip you with the tools you need to rethink your life and empower you with effective strategies for saving and investing in a post-COVID world.

You are welcome to invite friends and family.


CEO of Foundation Family Wealth, Sunél Veldtman and Director, Elke Zeki will speak about modern retirement, developments in retirement and what is required for successful retirement in a post-COVID world.  They will also address the issue of how much is enough? Always mindful of helping people get and keep the life they want, they will focus not only on retirement funding but also on helping you understand the life you want up to and in retirement. They will unpack how the structure of your investments can help fund your retirement and discuss tax, political risk, interest rate risk and asset growth risk. Both speakers have been helping retirees retire well for nearly two decades.