Sunél’s Blog | Changing Your Story

Sunél Veldtman, | 03 September 2021

There are the facts and then there is the story that we make up about the facts. Sometimes we just make up a story with a few facts, or select the facts that we want to include in our story. Sometimes we make up the story and then go find facts that suit our story.

The story we believe may hurt us, hurt our relationships, our relationship with money, our ability to earn and excel at work or destroy our quality of life.

Sometimes our story is so far removed from the truth because our filter on the facts is so distorted.

It can be challenging to change your story, particularly when the distorted facts have been in place for a long time. You may need help. Even to see that you need help. Others may tell you repeatedly that you believe the wrong story, but you’re too set in your ways. The more attached you are to a story, the more likely it is that there is a strong filter in place and that it is removed from the truth.

It requires humility to review your story. To actively seek out facts that may disprove your story. To seek feedback. To listen to feedback. To change your story.

Changing your story is difficult. But it is not defeat. It is a sign of maturity and courage. It is however painful, which is why it is rare.

Which story do you need to change?

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