Sunél’s Blog | Second Best Financial Decisions

Sunél Veldtman, | 14 May 2021

Not every decision about your money needs to be about maximising return. Especially once your basics needs are met, and you are well on your way with planning for your future needs, you should consider other factors. What about your family’s feeling of security? What about your children’s sense of belonging? What will the impact be on the environment or your community? Are you considering other factors? Surely some of these factors should be of equal or even higher importance?

This may sound like common sense, but some people really struggle with letting go of the financial implications of a decision when the emotional, relational, social or environmental impact warrants it. It’s as if they’re still living like someone whose basic needs have not been met. In survival mode.

Others treat every financial decision, whether they’re buying a new coffee machine, a house or negotiating a fee agreement with their financial planner, as a deal. They need to feel like they’ve done a good ‘deal’. Of course, you must feel like you’re getting value for money, but it’s ok to just buy a coffee machine at the stated price if you can afford it. These people are living in competition mode – life is about the best deal or who wins. It’s ok to let go of that too.

It’s ok. It’s ok. It’s ok.

You may have to remind yourself, repeatedly, that it’s ok. That you will be ok. That you no longer have to do the best deal or make decisions to appease your drive to survive. You can give yourself permission to make the second-best financial decision. You can choose to make the best decision for yourself, your family or any other aspect of your life which you consciously value above your money.

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