Sunél’s Blog | You can’t take it with you

Sunél Veldtman, | 14 February 2020

When babies come into the world, they are naked, vulnerable, all wrinkly and truth be told, ugly. Similarly, people typically leave the world vulnerable, wrinkly and yes, ugly. In a lifetime, we gather our possessions, properties, bank accounts, investments and all sorts of other links to the world around us. When we die, we die unaccompanied by people, possessions or our Facebook account.

Let that sink in for a moment. When you die, you leave all of that. What will your death say about your life and what will your family or friends feel as a result of what you leave? You won’t have the chance to explain or make excuses.

In 2019, the Foundation family lost too many people to death. We became acutely aware of the legacy of our friends’ and family’s death.

What will your death speak about? Will it say that you were clinging to your possessions as status symbols, hoarding for comfort or holding on to controlling your affairs even when you were no longer capable of doing so? Will it testify that you lived a chaotic life, leaving messy affairs to sort out or will it say that you lived a mindful life leaving little drama behind?

I know what I want my death to say. I want to leave a testimony that speaks of a mindful, light and elegant life. It’s how I plan to organise my affairs from now on. With death in mind.