Sunél’s Blog | What are holidays for?

Sunél Veldtman, | 14 December 2019

This will be my last blog post for a month. Not only are we relocating to Cape Town from Johannesburg as you read this, but it is the holiday season for most South Africans. Many make the trek to their home towns, their families or their usual seaside resort. As we all do so, it might help to think why we are doing holidays? What do we want from our holiday? If this is your only long annual holiday, you need to think hard what the purpose of holiday is.

I can tell you what I intend. I intend to rest. Our friends know that we can jam-pack our December holidays with family and friends, braais and swims. We love impromptu get-togethers which can quickly grow to feeding a crowd. It is all tremendous fun, but it frequently leaves me drained afterwards.

This year, I plan to rest. I know that I will need a store of energy to tackle next year – one of the biggest and most daunting transitions of my life. We will face many challenges as a family from settling in at new schools, to commuting and building new client relationships in Cape Town, all will need more than usual energy from me.

I plan to take it slowly, to be more selective about what I offer and entertain and to rather do fewer activities well and with deep connection. I plan to sleep and rest deeply. If you’ve following this blog, you will know that it goes without saying that I will walk along the beaches and the mountain paths but to restore, not to get fit – to clear my head and ponder. I also long to have deep conversations with dear friends and my parents. If I have learned something this year, it is that life is short and unpredictable. I want to treasure the times spent with them, not in frenetic get-togethers but quiet and drawn out visits under the tree in the garden.

I may not get this right 100% but I also know that If I don’t set an intention for myself, it will most definitely not happen.

As you set off on your holiday, perhaps you should consider why you are doing so. In order to be successful in money and life, you need to fill your energy tank. How will you fill your tank?

I wish you all a happy and restful holiday! I hope that you return with renewed energy and hope in 2020. I look forward to many conversations in the new year.

Ps. Look out for one more blog next week – something I wrote some time ago.