Sunél's Blog | Looking back, to look ahead

Sunél Veldtman, | 09 September 2022


Nelson Mandela said: “Remember to celebrate the milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.

This week we marked Foundation’s 10th anniversary with our Johannesburg clients. After the pandemic, we appreciated the opportunity to celebrate on a lovely Gauteng spring evening, with food, bubbles, and music. We took time to reflect on the last ten years – on starting with two laptops, a license, and a big dream to now seeing so many people celebrating with us.

I was grateful for the opportunity to pause and reflect on the journey. Although we worked hard and long to get where we are, we can never underestimate the role of providence and privilege. And we can also never underestimate the support and encouragement of people along the way.     

Even on our money journey, we must pause and reflect regularly. We must look back at what we planned and appreciate where we are now. It may not always go our way. Markets may not have been kind to us, but we can nearly always find reasons for gratitude, and milestones reached.

Once we have looked back, it can give us hope. Then we can look with new resolve to the future.

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