Sunél's Blog | 7 Ways to thrive in a future defined by change

| 17 June 2022

Last week, I attended a webinar where we were reminded by a prominent futurist that the pace of change is likely to pick up. The speed of technological advancement is accelerating. A significant number of new jobs are emerging while current ones are disappearing. The devastation of climate change is becoming more real. Violent weather patterns, loss of habitat and species and the destruction of the planet are becoming current challenges to our survival.  Even how we recognise and define communities is being affected. Our realities changed by the intersection of the virtual space and physical reality.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear that we’ll face even faster change, I want to curl into a foetal position and cover my ears. There has been too much change already.

But whether we like it or not, it will be our reality. Constant change.

We can’t find a corner of the earth, a vocation, or a stance that hasn’t and won’t be impacted. We will be affected. All of us.

Many of us want to turn back the clock. We want to go back to how it ‘worked in the past’. In the good old days. We want to deny the change or curl up and cry. But we can’t go back. What we can do, is have compassion. For ourselves. A kind recognition and acknowledgement between us of how difficult constant change is for humanity.

Yet, while compassion is always a good place to start, it is not enough to move us on. To make us uncurl from our protective stance and embrace constant change as the new companion of our future.

To survive, and even thrive, we must grow our change management skills. Have an openness to learning. A resilience to personal disruption. Ways of protecting and renewing our energy. We need to stay curious and imaginative. Nurture an emotional awareness around the impact of change.  And cultivate an optimistic outlook that leans into the possibilities presented by change.

These are also the important skills we need to build in our children. Mathematics or coding will not prepare them sufficiently for the future if they do not have the skills to thrive through change.

It is an ongoing work that we need to do within ourselves.  I’ll be doing it.  Uncurling and facing new possibilities.  

I’d love to hear how you are preparing for more change. 

Ps. I’m taking a break from writing for a few weeks. I hope that you will make time for some hibernation too.

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