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Annual forecasts and Market Returns

The customary annual forecasts for market returns have poured in but research shows that they are useless. Read this article from the New York Times – Wall Streets Annual Stocks Forecasts Bullish And Often Wrong

How Much Does Luck Have to Do with Success?

We loved this read: Stop and Acknowledge How Much Luck Has to Do With Your Success… If you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The Story of Success – this article will resonate even deeper. Go ahead. Practice saying out loud, “I am very, very lucky.” And guess what? You can say those words and still have working hard, learning more and daring to play in traffic be really important”… Read more here and share with other lucky, hardworking individuals.

Investing in Creativity and The Greater Good

Excited about investing in The Arts and Creativity? We loved this article about unleashing more capital for creativity.  Inspired by your investments… Now there’s a thought.  Read more here.


How Much (Money) Is Enough?

This article appeared in the New York Times in late November 2016. It’s timeless though… It begs the question we all need to answer at every stage of our lives – no matter how much money we are or are not making, How Much Is Enough? How does money make us feel? What does is say about our values – and what about our spending and our saving and what this ultimately says about our family values. Challenging! We’d love to hear more from you on this one…


Distinguish between enough and most.

Seth Godin writes this short, insightful read on the difference between “enough” and “most”… This is also true about money. When it comes to financial planning – wanting “most” is often a trap for dangerous strategies. Your thoughts?

Just for fun…

This is fun… If you think you’re smart – try this – What got better or worse during Obama’s presidency?

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