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Retirees Are Too Pessimistic on Their Investments – And It’s Costing Them

… “Adults in retirement are less optimistic than younger groups about future economic growth, stock-market returns and long-term personal financial well-being, new research shows. This may lead them to shift out of stocks too soon and cut spending more than needed, shortchanging their lifestyle and dreams” …

This is such an important article. Dan Kadlec writes about the hope we can’t afford to lose – especially in light of our investments.


Seven Things You Should Save For Your Grandchildren

After Fifty Living’s Jo-Anne Lemu wrote:

“Money, toys and games come and go, but if you want to give your grandchildren a gift that will last, there are other items that can help kids learn more about your story, themselves, and their family. What children really value is your attention and they appreciate the grandparent who’s prepared to stand in, teach them and inspire them. These presents aren’ always the trendiest items on shelves, but they are more valuable and will help your grandkids for years to come.”

Let us know what you think about this one and send us a pic if you do manage to get this special box together for your grandkids.


The CFA Institute posted this article – “Politics Matters – Sometimes”.

“The narrative of global markets is shifting away from its focus on central banks and monetary policy toward geopolitics and fiscal policy…

Read the full article here.



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