If you are an affluent and knowledgeable investor, you’ll enjoy engaging with us. Our approach marries in-depth knowledge, insight and experience in the financial markets, along with a deep understanding of your personal goals and aspirations.


Women in this country have a particular set of financial challenges. They often have different priorities and ambitions to men, many of them family focused. Women also tend to live longer and will therefore need more resources. They typically work less and for lower pay over their lifetime. We work with women to help them find a refreshing sense of self and freedom in an otherwise male-dominated financial world. Our clients include self-made entrepreneurs, business women and mothers across generations and cultures. Sunél Veldtman, one of our directors, is the author of “Manage Your Money, Live Your Dream”, a financial guide for women.


We also work with newly single women, whose lives have been drastically changed after a recent divorce or the loss of a spouse. They are often left with the daunting task of reassessing their future and managing their wealth alone. We have walked this road with many woman for years – helping them navigate the emotional stress and helping build their confidence to make wise financial decisions.


Multi-generational planning excites us, our involvement with some families extending into three generations. They have complex planning needs which often involve dual priorities: such as providing for children studying abroad and ensuring comfortable retirement and capital preservation. We also facilitate care of the family by managing wealth for children and ageing parents.

Family businesses and entrepreneurs in particular have demanding planning needs. These require expertise and an understanding of the relationship between the business, the family and the specific risks these individuals or families face.

Our desire at Foundation is to be a long-standing, rock solid business, stretching over generations and building deep relationships with each one.


These are individuals who are building their wealth, who benefit from guidance and financial planning suited to this unique stage of life. During this phase there is often a focus on budgeting, debt management, buying property, starting a family and savings. Our best-fit solutions include cost efficient investments and using technology.


Many of our clients have invested a lifetime creating something of great value. Growing and protecting that legacy, while helping them create the life they’ve dreamed of living, is what we do best. We are skilled in tax planning around retirement and have in-depth knowledge of the best retirement products for our clients.




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