Bubbles and Ice

By Elke Zeki


I’m a bit of a wine snob so I almost had heart failure the first time I saw a couple putting ice in their champagne! I thought I knew about wine trends, but watching this pair pour a R700 bottle of Moet Chandon over a large pile of ice was just too much for me. Little did I know that this is in fact the perfect, new summer drink and that these global pioneers actually make a champagne specifically to be enjoyed this way.

These Champagnes are mostly crisp, fruity and slightly sweeter than my preferred brut wines. Interestingly though, when wines are served chilled it is perceived as less sweet and more enjoyable!

These refreshing drinks can be savored in various ways. Much like gin, one can add fresh fruit, vegetables, teas or herbs. So, move over Pimms, this summer drink looks like it’s here to stay!

Some Ice Champagnes to look out for:

  • Moet Chandon Ice Imperial
  • Veuve Cliquot Rich
  • JP Chenet Ice Edition

All of these have a Rose version available too.


The next champagne-inspired summer trend to enjoy is undoubtedly one of my favourite beach treats. The homebrewed alcoholic PJ Pops from Haute Cabriere. Launched in 2016 theses ice popsicles took the market by storm. They come in two wine-infused flavours made form the Pierre Jourdan Brut MCC and Pierre Jourdan Tranquille, a still wine made from a blend of pinot noir and chardonnay. These will definitely bring the kid out in you.

I like these two summer drinks because they challenge the status quo and help us let our hair down, take ourselves a little less seriously and have some fun. Something we should all do a little more of. Come on summer.


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Was this article useful? Share it!