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The Best Way To Follow Your Dreams Is By Keeping Your Day Job! Now there’s a thought…

“Because the best route to one’s calling is often not to choose must over should, but rather to choose must and should.”

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Global Investing posted this read: “Be nice to your boss! Getting fired can deal more deadly blow to your wealth than divorce”. Here’s the intro – enjoy the full article…

Financial intermediaries often caution their clients about the hazards of divorce. Splitting homes, possessions and bank balances can deal a major blow to personal finances. But, unemployment can be just as deadly for wealth-building efforts, with redundancy or being fired causing irreparable harm to savings and investment strategies, notes Chris Stokel-Walker. Extroverts bounce back quicker, while the astute may consider entrepreneurial paths. Take the example of PSG Group founder Jannie Mouton, who recovered from being ousted from his own business only to rise to become one of South Africa’s richest – at a time when most people are contemplating retirement. – Jackie Cameron

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Seth Godin writes a brilliant, short piece on the 24 things that artificially intelligent computers can do better than us. But here’s the crux – its in finding what they can’t do better – where human beings in their uniqueness overtake these marvelous machines.

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