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Is it me, or is the world going crazy?

Mark Manson writes a thought-provoking piece on the “attention-economy”, negativity, the hidden dangers of the global community, and the real fight for freedom.

… “And this is what disturbs me: the fact that people today, despite living with more safety and wealth and access to information than anyone in human history, feel as though the world is going crazy and something drastic must be changed.” …




The Top Jobs In 10 Years Might Not Be What You Expect

Three futurists talk about what the hot jobs of 2025 could be, and their answers may surprise you. Think ‘Personal Worker Brand Coach”, “Urban Farmer”, “Freelance Professors”, Neuro-implant technicians”, “Smart-home Handyperson” or “Sex Worker Coach”…



“We’re trusted to do a good job, then leave”: why the Danes finish work on time, every single day

 Helen Russell writes about the world’s happiest country and how Danes don’t do presenteeism and come ‘Cinderella Hour’, offices empty for the day – something that’s good for all of us…

‘Still at the office, pulling a late one,’ reads the message from a friend I’m supposed to be meeting for coffee. This is followed by a crying cat and angry sheep emoji. ‘So sorry. Will make it up to you,’ she apologises before sending a picture of herself looking forlorn in an otherwise deserted office.

It’s only 5.30pm, but this is the equivalent of burning the midnight oil in Denmark. Read the full article here: http://www.stylist.co.uk/life/living-danishly-how-and-why-to-leave-work-on-time-every-single-day-job-careers-work-life-balance-happiness


Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things


“When you work hard every single day and there’s only so much money left after your regular expenses, you have to make certain it’s well spent. Spend your limited funds on what science says will make you happy…”

Ah. We love this article. Now stop reading and go and do something with your money that makes you happy!


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